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We custom build all your cabinets specifically for your needs, considering the function of each piece as well as the overall cabinetry design. Although no two projects are the same, the process we go through for each project is similar and is described below. We will work closely with you and/or your contractor to make the process as smooth as possible, making every effort to share information and meet target delivery and installation dates. We are proud of the work we do and want to make the process an enjoyable one. We will help you meet your goals.

Initial Meeting and Design

In our first meeting with you, we will gather all your information so that we can provide you with some estimated pricing. The more information you have the better we will be able to determine your needs. We ask that you bring the following:

Drawings –These can consist of scaled architectural drawings created by a design professional or a quick hand sketch with hand written measurements of each wall showing door and window locations.

Appliance Specifications – Ultimately, we will need a list of all the appliances and/or plumbing fixtures planned for the space. However, if these have not been determined, you can tell us the types of appliances and fixtures you plan to use.

Finish Sample(s) – Such as an existing floor finish or counter top finish. This is especially important if you are trying to match your new cabinets with some other finishes in the room, including flooring, counter top or back splash. Or, use our website to get some ideas.

Design Features – Bringing pictures out of magazines or other similar items to help convey your design ideas. Or, use our website to narrow down the styles and finish colors you like.

A general idea of your budget will also be helpful so that we can point you in the right direction. All of this information will be used to help you determine the overall style and design of your cabinets. Together, we will determine door and drawer styles, the type of finish(es), knob and pull styles, and any special features or cabinet options you want to include. Enough information needs to be finalized so that we can provide you with an estimated price.

Estimated Pricing

We will take the information gathered at our initial meeting and put together a detailed estimate for your review. This estimate will be sent to you by email as a pdf attachment. (You can also request a faxed or mailed copy.) You will be able to easily see the items included in the proposal and we will be available to answer any questions you may have. If there are changes you want to make or an alternate pricing option you want to see, we can do that as well. For example, we can upgrade the drawer box, change the crown molding, or simplify the door style. Once the estimated pricing is finalized and you are ready to proceed, we will ask you to send us the following:

- Signed copy of the last page of the estimate

- A check for the design fee shown on the estimate

- Specifications for all appliances and plumbing fixtures

These items will indicate your approval to begin the design phase only. Manufacturing of your cabinets will not begin until the final design and pricing is approved by you later in the process.

Final Design

Once we have your approval to proceed with the design phase, we will schedule a time to take detailed measurements of the job site. While taking measurements, we will also note any electrical, plumbing, and HVAC items that may affect the installation of the cabinets. If conflicts or discrepancies are found, we will notify you and/or the project contractor.

With this information, we will be able to create detailed drawings of your cabinets that indicate the types of cabinets, the sizes of the cabinets, the door swings, etc. We will work with you or your design professional to finalize any remaining open items or questions. Once these drawings are complete, we will meet again to review them in detail. We will answer any questions you may have and indicate any final changes directly on the design drawings or design specification. Now is the time to make any remaining changes. Once manufacturing of the cabinets begins, changes typically add to the cost and lead time. (See Note 1.)

At this time, if we have not already done so, we will also finalize the door and drawer styles, the knob/pull selections, and the finish(es). We will ask you to sign both the design drawings and specifications to indicate your approval.

Final Proposal and Scheduling

Based on the approved design drawings, we will revise the estimated pricing and create a final proposal for your approval. This proposal will be sent to you by email in a pdf attachment. (You can also request a fax or hard copy.) If everything meets your approval, we ask that you send us the following:

- Signed copy of the last page of the proposal

- A check for the deposit shown on the proposal

- Tentative delivery date

Once the final proposal is approved and these items are received, we can incorporate the project into our manufacturing schedule. We will review our lead-times and provide you with a schedule for delivery and installation. Depending on the size of the project, we can also deliver in phases to meet the needs of the contractor. We will work closely with your contractor to coordinate as required with the other trades.

Engineering and Manufacturing

Before manufacturing of the cabinets begins, we go back to the job site to double check all measurements and to coordinate any remaining items with the contractor. Since all the cabinets are made custom for a particular project to fit in a specified area, we need to make sure they are made correctly. All drawings are carefully reviewed and all final construction details are determined. Once finalized, they are used to order all the required materials and manufacturing begins.

As the cabinets are manufactured, they are carefully stored at our shop until the entire project (or phase of the project) is complete. Prior to installation, we double check all door and drawers to make sure they function properly and all finishes are thoroughly inspected.

Delivery and installation

Once the manufacturing is complete, we will contact you and/or your contractor to schedule the delivery and installation. It is at this stage that the next payment is typically required, before delivery occurs. (This will be detailed in your proposal.)

We strive to make the installation is smooth as possible. All cabinetry is delivered in an enclosed delivery truck and each cabinet is individually wrapped in a moving blanket. When installing the cabinets, we are sure to protect the floors. We bring all our own installation equipment and remove all of our trash at the end of each day. Once the cabinets are installed, everything is wiped clean and we walk through the space with you and/or your contractor to make sure the installation is complete.

The final payment is due when the installation is complete.

We look forward to working with you and helping you bring your ideas to life.

Note 1If any changes are made to the design of the kitchen after the proposal is approved, a change order is used to document the change. The change order is signed by all parties. If there is a deduction to the total price, this is deducted from the final invoice at the end of the installation. If there is an addition to the total price, this must be paid in full when the change order is approved.

Build your dream kitchen.